African-Americans Buying More Guns After Trump Win


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Gun sales among African-Americans and other minorities have spiked since the November 8th election of Donald Trump. Many fearing the win will trigger more hate crimes.

Those fears are not unfounded as the anti-hate watch organization Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) has tracked hundreds of hate incidents against blacks, Hispanics, women Muslims and gays since Trump’s election.

According to a report by NBC News, after Donald Trump’s win, Yolanda Scott is upgrading the crowbar she keeps in her purse to a small-caliber pistol.

Scott, an African-American from Alpharetta, Georgia is one of many minorities who have been flocking to gun stores to protect themselves, afraid Trump’s victory will incite more hate crimes.

“It’s best that I be proactive,” said Scott, a fiery 49-year-old financial analyst. “I know where I live.”  

Meantime one gun shop owner said:

“You feel that racists now feel like they can attack us just because the president is doing it.”

Since November 8 they’re seeing up to four times as many black and minority customers — and black gun groups are reporting double the normal number of attendees at their meetings since the election.



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