Kanye West is Finally Out of the Hospital


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Kim Kardashian West left, and Kanye West arrive at the MTV Video Music Awards at Madison Square Garden on Sunday, Aug. 28, 2016, in New York. Invision/AP

It was Kim’s robbery in Paris that has been giving Kanye nightmares, according to some published reports this week, exacerbating his depression and anxiety that came with the ninth year anniversary of his mother Donda’s death. Donda died at the age of 58 after suffering complications from elective surgery. Her funeral was November 20 – the same day Kanye cancelled his show at the L.A. Forum, and the following day he cancelled the rest of his tour and was later taken to the hospital.

Plus reports are surfacing on Dailymail.com that Kim and Kanye were fighting in the weeks leading up to his breakdown,. In the aftermath of her Paris robbery ordeal the reality star apparently felt like she couldn’t lean on the ‘workaholic’ rapper, who was becoming increasingly ‘paranoid’ and not sleeping. ‘It’s just been hell for them,’ a source told Us Weekly.

The 39-year-old Famous hitmaker had apparently become ‘unbearable’ to live with and the duo, who share a 11,000 sq ft Bel Air home together, were fighting a lot. ‘He would be up all night ranting about things,’ said the insider who added that

Kanye ‘unraveled’ when he realized he can’t do it all. ‘He’d be up drawing, writing and sketching, or pacing and

doing push-ups. he would not calm down and go to bed.’ Things reportedly came to a head when Kanye’s on-stage rants became increasingly worrying and controversial, ending one of his concerts after just three songs.

The good news is that Kanye has left UCLA Medical Center having been released to the care of his physician Dr. Michael Farzam and is back home with his family.


Source:  AURN

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