NextUp MicUp feat. That Mexican OT


NextUp MicUp feat. That Mexican OT credit by Lysious/AURN
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Rapper, That Mexican OT credit by Cinematic Music Group/SPIN

The first rule of Hip Hop is to be yourself, and nobody does themselves better than That Mexican OT, whose personality reigns as a true Texas blood rap artist who’s next up.

Virgil “That Mexican OT” Gazca is from Texas and was born and raised in Bay City. With the Lonestar state being nothing short of a home for Hip Hop legends like UGK, DJ Screw, Lil Flip, Scarface, Fat Pat, and more, OT was culturally from birth to be a rap star. “My stepmom would take me to see my daddy in prison, and I would be rapping through the glass on the phone,” said OT on the Joe Rogan podcast. “I used to be rapping the radio and he’d be like ‘F*** That’ radio’, I want to hear what you gotta say.” OT took that to advce and soon decided to make his playful rhymes a serious craft. 

While coming of age, That Mexican OT took his father’s words to heart and began releasing a series of mixtapes throughout Texas. Standout songs by OT, like Hit List, Pretty Rick, V-Man, and Southside Steppin, make the Texas native a growing name. On East End, OT raps like a superstar Rookie of the Year, blending Mexican lingo in between verses while Riding Dirty performs with a new-age candy Cadillac vibe. Yet, it would be Johnny Dang ft. Paul Wall would give OT the outside-the-home state shine.

As a rapper That Mexican OT rhymes as a visual artist who paints every neighborhood roadmap with words that feel like a Texas tour guide. The Lonestar rapper rhymes conversationally, blending smoothly over heavy bass-sampled beat production. OT is the next-up, whose songs is reminiscent of the early 2000s smoke & drank music of Slim Thug and Lil Keke. OT’s artistry is the ability to rap with a Texas cultural pride as if it’s a priority. “Our Texas has been it, but nobody ever gave us our shine.” Said OT on Sway Universe, “Everybody loves Texas for the longest, you know. Everybody’s favorite rapper loves Texas.”

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