[WATCH] The 5th Annual Khem Comic Book Fest Is a Cultural Blast!


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The 5th Annual Khem Comic Book Fest in Newark, New Jersey was filled with cultural gems from the Black comic book community. The Black cultural renaissance that fills the air in Newark can add this festival to the city’s robust social experiences. The AURN Online Team was there to witness and explore the art of storytelling and generational bonds in cosplay, comic illustration and performance. What became evident was that at the intersection of family and narratives, is the opportunity for comic book culture and cosplay to reflect Black cultural aspirations of freedom, creativity and learning.

In its 5th year, Khem Fest is one of the most diasporic-inclusive comic book events in the country. From event-goers to performers and organizers, the festival includes people from throughout the African diaspora, their stories fashion, and imagination.

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