Trump Touts Supreme Court Potentials As Current Nominee Still Awaits Hearing


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The talk is at a fever pitch as to the possible Supreme Court picks of the President-elect Donald Trump; that, as the current nominee put forth by the current president, has been waiting for a confirmation hearing for over 8 months--since March 16, 2016.

Republicans vowed to block moderate U.S. Appeals Court Judge Merrick Garland within hours of his nomination, claiming the winner of the presidential election should choose.

Meantime the Trump transition team has advanced potential pick, conservative Judge William H. Pryor Jr., (below) who is on record of saying “gays jailed for having sex in thier own homes.”  As a former Alabama attorney general, Pryor defended a law in 2003 in Texas that compared gay sex to “polygamy, incest, pedophilia, prostitution, and adultery”.

But it doesn’t stop there, Congressional Republicans have block so many of President Obama judicial picks, it has created a judicial emergency.

The issue has not been lost on Democrats who have continually blasted GOP obstruction tactics.  Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid said on the Senate floor recently the GOP has treated President Obama with unprecedented disrespect.”

“President Obama is the first President to be denied a hearing on his budget.  He’s the first President to be denied a hearing on a Supreme Court nominee.  President Obama is the first President asked to show his birth certificate.  President Obama is the first President to face over 500 filibusters here in the Senate. In this Republican Senate, President Obama will receive fewer nominees confirmed than any President in many many decades. Republicans have not done their basic work of government.”



Meantime, President-elect Trump has tapped controversial Alabama GOP Senator Jeff Sessions as attorney general.  Sessions, known for his stance against gays, immigrants, the Voting Rights Act and civil rights organizations like the NAACP and ACLU is expected to be confirmed in the GOP lead Senate.  Sessions was denied confirmation for a federal judgeship in 1986 over his racist tendencies.


Source: AURN

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