Van Jones Chats With Trump Supporters To Avoid a ‘New Civil War’


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Media commentator/activist Van Jones with Trump supporters in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. (Facebook video screenshot)

With a long, bitter and divisive presidential campaign winding down, many are wondering, and even fearful about the day after the election.

Some Trump supporters have vowed a “revolution” should he lose; while and some minority activists say there would be riots around the country if Hillary Clinton loses.

Looking ahead, in an effort to ward off what he calls the #NextCivilWar, media commentator and activist Van Jones ventured to Gettysburg, Pennsylvania–the site of the Civil War’s bloodiest battle.

Jones sat face to face with a family of Donald Trump supporters for a Facebook video series dubbed “The Messy Truth.” The motivation for embarking on the series, Jones says:

I feel like we’ve gotten this thing in America now, where we talk about each other, we never talk to each other.”


Part 1 of Jones’ series was released Friday:


Source: AURN/Facebook

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