White House Gender Policy Council Takes On Equal Pay for Black Women


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Wednesday marked Black Women’s Equal Pay Day, the day of the year on which the median earnings of a working Black woman would’ve caught up with what white men made in 2021.

Now this year’s numbers were heavily impacted by the pandemic that either caused a slow recovery or wiped out many jobs. Black women made 58 cents for every dollar earned by white men.

I spoke with Latifa Lyles, who is a member of the White House Gender Policy Council, about what the White House is doing and about the equity and focus summit held today at the Labor Department.

“Equity in Focus is an opportunity for us to figure out how jobs that are going to be the jobs of tomorrow because we are trying to build a more sustainable future… We got to make sure that this, this infrastructure and this new frontier, where we are trying to be better at saving and preserving the environment, are jobs for women as well. So we can’t invest billions of dollars into the economy and millions of women and Black women are left behind,” Lyles said.

The Equity in Focus Summit will be held in Washington, D.C., on Sept. 22.

Click play to listen to the report from AURN White House Correspondent Ebony McMorris. For more news, follow @E_N_McMorris & @aurnonline.

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