Who Needs Church-State Separation? Oklahoma Superintendent Mandates Bible and Ten Commandments Lessons in Schools


Republican State Superintendent Walters ordered public schools Thursday, June 27, 2024, to incorporate the Bible into lessons for grades 5 through 12, the latest effort by conservatives to incorporate religion into classrooms. (AP Photo/Sue Ogrocki, File)
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Oklahoma State Superintendent Ryan Walters has mandated that all public schools incorporate the Bible, including the Ten Commandments, into their curriculum, starting immediately. The directive, part of the Oklahoma Academic Standards, is aimed at providing students with a comprehensive understanding of historical and cultural contexts, according to Walters.

Walters, a staunch conservative, argues the Bible is a critical document for understanding American history and Western civilization. Oklahoma’s new mandate mirrors recent actions in Louisiana, where a law now requires the Ten Commandments to be displayed in classrooms, sparking legal challenges.

Critics argue that the mandate infringes on the separation of church and state, and groups like Americans United for Separation of Church and State are prepping to challenge the directive.

The controversy continues as Walters continues to push forward with his vision of education.

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