Katherine Jackson Abuse Claims Dismissed by Judge


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Katherine Jackson just got shot down by a judge in her bid to get a restraining order against nephew Trent Jackson on grounds he abused her and stole from her.

The judge just booted the case after Katherine’s lawyers essentially threw themselves at the mercy of the court, claiming their client was unprepared to go forward. The lawyers asked the judge if the case could be dismissed “without prejudice,” meaning it could be refiled. The lawyers also said Katherine never realized this would turn into a full-blown trial. The judge said today was judgment day, and if she wasn’t ready it’s case closed forever.

What’s interesting … Katherine has been MIA from almost everyone; she has not even seen her grandchildren since January and she is the one with legal guardianship.

Trent and other members of the family believe Katherine is being manipulated by some of Michael’s brothers and sisters so they could gain some control over the Michael Jackson estate.

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