Three Black Women Entrepreneurs You Should Know


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Renae Bluitt is the entrepreneurship go-to. She is the founder of In Her Shoes, a blog dedicated to celebrating Black female entrepreneurship. The blog features inspiring success stories, tried-and-true advice, and all you will need to help curate your brand in the way you dress and develop your social media. Bluitt is also the creator and executive producer of the She Did That. documentary which follows the stories of Black women entrepreneurs. She is also known for her Beauty PR work, which is often featured on her blog with how-tos and extra tips.

Mina Sanosi is well known for building her Youtube empire. She is the founder and CEO of MinaTVAfrica, a WebTV show that features news, reality tv, and talk shows. Sanosi didn’t stop with just one successful show, however. She has also founded the shows The African Millennials, 2 Gals In the City, and The ABS Show which focus on a variety of subjects from news to comedy. She has also developed a website as a home for all her shows complete with a blog about all things Africa. Sanosi is currently in the process of developing an online store featuring MinaTV related products, so stay tuned.

Mariama Bramble is the founder of brownbelle, a website that meets all your homemaking needs. Brownbelle features how-tos and recipes all catered to building your brand in your home. Bramble is an expert space curator, and she focuses on how to bring people together with the right colors, vibes, foods, and cocktails. She is known for sharing her life and advice, all with the purpose of enriching yours.

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